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Birthdate:Mar 20
Location:Kentucky, United States of America
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My name is Regan, and this is my LJ. If you're wondering what I'm all about, my userinfo page probably isn't going to tell you MUCH (although I will just blather on), but here's a quick little overview anyway:

This is my PERSONAL journal.
Stop reading now if you don't want to know about who I am when I'm at home. Or how very much I enjoy foul language and bad grammar.

* On LJ friends...
My journal is now FRIENDS ONLY.

If you want to friend me I'd prefer you let me know. It's just nice. Also I'm not likely to friend you back if I don't know who you are.

Also, if you opt to de-friend I'm cool with that.
I don't get hung up on that stuff. I won't even come ask you why.
If you're not having fun here, please go in peace and be happy.

Also also, if I feel like I'm not being a good mutual friend, especially if I don't read your journal,
(and it's clear you want me to be reading your journal)
I will typically de-friend.
There are all sorts of people I love to read and don't comment on much, but I think it's not fair (to you or to me) to keep you on my flist if I'm not reading you. There does need to be some sort of interest, bond, interaction. This is one of my quirks, live with it. Or not. See above "go in peace and be happy" statement.

I don't comment unless I actually have something to say. If you're on my flist, I'm reading you, or trying to.

* I'm a frequent poster.
Some days it's just once, some days it's four or more times. Often I write long pieces. Then again, sometimes I go for days or weeks without doing much. You know, typical LJ-er. I try not to be overwhelming with length or posting.

* I'm extremely married
The Pants and I share our home with 4 dogs, 4 cats and 2 horses.
We've had more of all of these in the past and have also kept chickens, various birds, goats, an oversexed iguana and a wide assortment of injured wildlife
...that always seem to end up in our bathroom...
We spend just a LOT of time together and are easily one another's best friends. This doesn't mean we don't like you, it just means we like each other better. ;0)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Here's me with a cat on my head. I'd like to say this doesn't happen very often, but I think we both know I'd be lying.

* What am I like on LJ?
I'm not always happy.
I'm also not always depressed or whiney or giddy or funny or gross or even entertaining.
Pretty much, this journal is my dumping ground for anything going on in my head. Sometimes that's fun or at least coherent, sometimes it's not.
Most of the time it's emotion and experience based.
This should not be taken as the end-all be-all of any topic as far as my opinions, either.
Sometimes I'm just working stuff out while I'm here.
It's a journal.
It's ultimately for me.

* What do I do for a living?
I have my very own tea shop!

Through the Looking Glass
fine teas and eclectic handmade gifts
629 Washington Street
Shelbyville, KY 40065

We specialize in fine bulk teas (I will make handmade tea bags, too) and unique gifts that I strive to have fall into the handmade, local made, fair trade made, or just too odd/cool/interesting not to carry categories. Also, we now have awesome food! NOM!

Come see me any time or order online!

* What do I do in my down time?
I have some bizarre hobbies.
We do Revolutionary War era reenacting. No, that's NOT Civil War Reenactment.
Please don't ask me if it is, I will be forced to distain you.

I make wire-based jewelry and gift items as well as yarn hairfalls, wool dreads, and other odd but whimsical goodies. Lately, though, I've been mostly knitting...and knitting like a fiend, at that. I'm loving it.

I'm also a professional tarot reader, both in my contemporary life and at reenactments (where I portray a French Catholic/Metis morality card reader).
If you're curious, feel free to ask.
I read by appointment face-to-face (in said tea shop) or by email. I prefer not to read by phone.

Lance of Pants is a musician, a leather worker, a bit of a blacksmith, a nautical obsesser and a
"red-headed, blue eyed man" (according to some newspaper in Stanford, KY - yehaw).
He is known on LJ as [info]hms_ennui (although he rarely ever posts).
He's also an investment advisor, although that's hardly a hobby.

By day, I'm basically consumed with running my tea shop in Shelbyville, KY.
Have I mentioned that?
It's called Through the Looking Glass and it's in the historic downtown district (see address, above).

I've also just completed my MA in English Literature at the University of Louisville and teach at the local branch of our community college.

By night, I swallow movies and tv shows on dvd whole, make stuff, plan new tattoos, read fiction and comics, dream of writing a graphic novel, rub doggie bellies, get draped upon by cats, and snuggle my sweetie a lot.

Books Read This Year:
Find details about what I'm reading at: [info]regan_reads and tell me what YOU think! I'm a big reader and love talking to other readers.

Because books rock my socks off:
My Wish List

Haircut 2009

That's it for now. Jump on in, the water's fine.
Or not, and thanks for stopping by. :0)

Love is love.

I say fuck a lot

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