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Tarot for the New Year

I've had so many requests at this point for New Year's/year end readings that it seemed like time to put up a post. If you are interested in a it is! :0)

New Year's Reading 2011 special = $15.00
It's an "around the world" meaning I draw one card for each month of the year and determine your card of the year. I will need your birthdate for that.

Year End Special = $10
A year end special for those feeling more immediate need. A basic past, present, future (the year that's passed, where you are right now, where you're heading in the coming year) spread with your card of the year for 2011. I will still need your birthday for that.

I am still doing email readings, too, so if you need something more specifically focused it's $25/half hour and $50/hour.

Email me at regan8or at yahoo dot com if you're interested! You'll need to give me a 5-7 day window on getting the reading done - this time of year can be challenging on the "quiet time" front. :0)